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An Arrangement with Spanish Roots

Posted by: Amanda Sullivan

Oakleaf Flower and Garden created these colorful arrangement for our Celebrate Spain Weekend. They flowers are eryngium and gerbera daisies. Eryngium is an annual and perennial herb with hairless and usually spiny leaves. The plant is native to Spain, so floral designer Kirkland Moore decided they would be perfect for our annual Spanish culture celebration.

The roots of the eryngium have been used as vegetables, and the young shoots and leaves are also sometimes used as vegetables like asparagus. Cultures worldwide have used Eryngium extracts as anti-inflammatory agents. Eryngium yields an essential oil and contains many kinds of terpenoids, saponins, flavonoids, coumarins, and steroids. E. foetidum is used in parts of the Americas and Asia as a culinary herb. It is not unlike coriander, or cilantro, and is sometimes mistaken for it. It may be called spiny coriander or cilantro. 

Whatever their nutritious properties, they are the perfect visual complement to the bright gerbera daisies! You can enjoy them around the resort during Celebrate Spain Weekend, and you can learn more on Wikipedia, which is where we sourced this information.