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Being Truly Healthy—It Starts in the Small Moments

Posted by: Kyra Russell

We have been told for years to run, walk, meditate, take this prescription to help you sleep and peel your skin off to look younger. We are inundated with new diet plans and fitness regimes that are guaranteed to take off the inches and skincare promising to eliminate the signs of aging.

When all is said and done and we have tried everything and we still don’t feel our best and still judge ourselves as not being or looking good enough, where do we turn?

We actually have the answer within us. What makes us really happy? Do we like to play sports walk the dog, relax with a glass of wine, or laugh out loud with a friend until our bellies hurt? It is the small things in life that bring us the most joy and, in doing so, bring us the greatest health.

Take the time to actually pay attention to what brings you pleasure, without following the same old beaten path. This gives you firsthand insight into what will ultimately bring you the greatest amount of health and wellbeing. Every time you have one of “those moments” that stands out in your minds as memorable, take a brief moment to feel it—truly feel it in your body—and you gain enormous s health benefits just from that.

Right then and there every cell in your body responds by triggering a flood of hormones that keeps you balanced and showers you with what you need to be healthy. Truly Healthy.

Let’s get rid of the word “workout” and really have some fun. Interactive or meditative makes no difference. If you really listen to your body it will guide you to the activities that make you feel alive. Have fun. Laugh. See how much easier it is to stay healthy when you are participating in things you really enjoy.

It may be hard to break old patterns. That’s OK. Keep moving in the right direction and opportunities will show up that you may not have considered before. Discover new ways to stay fit by being open and trying new things. Things that “work” for us change throughout different phases of our lives, so don’t rule something out just because you didn’t previously participate in that type of activity. Explore and experience nature, bathing rituals, massage and all things that feel right for you.

Have fun and watch your body respond in the best possible way. Creating health and longevity like never before. Feel it in your truly healthy body.