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Creating Holiday Vignettes with Your Favorite Things

Posted by: Kirk Moore

Holiday is a perfect time for sharing.  The present doesn’t have to always be something wrapped and beribboned.  Sometimes the perfect gift to give is a smile... a toothy thank you to the weary shop clerk who has carefully wrapped your seasonal parcels or a friendly wink and grin to the person giving you a precious parking space.

But there is another way to “gift” a smile.  To have a houseguest react to a little decorative lagniappe with a smile and a shrug is a wonderful present for all!  I love creating little holiday vignettes in unexpected places throughout my home.  It steps up the surprise and smile factor to also use cherished personal possessions in a carefully curated fashion, but with holiday flair.  I have a dear friend who calls them “holiday haikus.”



Simply group “like things” together and mix with holiday greens and berries for a quick holiday story that is uniquely yours.  It says who you are in merry and bright fashion!

Remember that not all holiday ornaments must hang from a tree branch!  Take your most special ones and fill a glass bowl with them along with wisps of holiday greenery.  On a cupboard shelf, display a selection of ornaments under a cloche for a whimsical yet curated look.

In our library I love to place our collection of 19th century silver bowls and vases on a special side table.  To create a holiday flourish I fill the vessels with snippets of holiday greens and red berries from our garden - white pine, cedar and holly.  For that added Highlands feel I add collected deer antlers and old leather bound books to the mix.

This holiday season take your most cherished personal possessions, lovingly group them together and add holiday flourish with fragrant fresh greens and berries to create comfort and joy!