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Digging and Gathering in Thailand for Herbal Compress

Posted by: Kyra Russell

While studying Thai Massage in Thailand I added on a little additional adventure that gave me the incredible opportunity to study with Homprang at Baan Hom Samunphrai in Chiangmai. I immersed myself for several weeks on this beautiful property in the study of Thai Herbal Compress Massage.



Every morning began with Thai Yoga which is very different than the Traditional Indian style of yoga I have studied and taught for years.  Homering’s brother was stricken with a stroke and was almost completely healed by doing Thai Yoga and receiving Traditional Thai Massage & Herbal Compress. He led our sessions each morning. It was very inspirational to have him with us every morning.

Our training sessions began in the gardens digging up roots and gathering all the necessary ingredients to make our Herbal Compress.
•    Turmeric
•    Ginger
•    Lemongrass
•    Tamarind
•    Camphor with orange & lemon rind.

I love digging in the dirt & gathering things from the garden so this made me very happy. Everything we needed for the compresses was growing right there on the property. Hom Prangs grandchildren were always part of the process & I still remember these little children with great big knives (machete) using them better than I ever could. 
We gathered all the ingredients, chopped them into small pieces and tied them in the muslin cloth. Speaking from experience “tied them” is really an understatement. It is indeed an art & if it is not done properly ½ way through the massage all your herbs will be everywhere but in the compress.  There is turmeric in the mix so you have to be prepared for it to stain whatever you are wearing. At Hom Prangs we did the compress right over our clothes so we all looked like we were wearing golden garments.
I will always remember this experience. Every time I give or receive this loving compassionate treatment that affects the skin, muscles, nervous system and of course the olfactory it brings me right back to this incredible memory.

I love the aromatic warmth of the treatment.  I love the soothing yet energizing qualities of the herbs. I love the fact that just writing about these herbs and warm compresses soothe me on a level that is not just physical but reaches far beyond.


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