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Loose and Elegant Hair for the Holidays

Posted by: Amanda Sullivan

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When you’re stepping out for the holidays, or entertaining at home, you want that perfect blend of effortless style. Tracy Long from The Spa at Old Edwards show you how to do it.

Products needed:
      Anti humidity hair spray
Tools needed:
      Teasing comb
      Blow dryer
      Ceramic round brush
      Bobby pins

Make sure roots are lifted, whether you need to take a round brush and blow-dry at roots. Hair can be 100% dry for this.

Hair can be your natural wave

Take hairspray and spray whole head, lifting hair, making it fairly big. Spray in between layers to get best lift.

Tease all the hair from roots to ends, remember it is supposed to look messy and textured. Make sure there's a lot of tease from the roots, especially at the crown of head.


Section everything In front of the ears out. There should be 3 sections.

Take the back section and grab a thick piece from the right or left side and twist loosely and pull it low towards the nape right underneath the occipital bone. That bone will give what appears to be a lot of volume. Leaving some hair at the bottom out.

Take the side that you didn't pick and do the same thing, just crossing over the other piece not tightly.

When it's pinned make sure it feels secure, and then loosen the hair around the crown by pulling it up a little bit with your fingers.

Pull the hair that was in front of the ear back and twist, putting it right over the twists you've already pinned. making it loose and not completely over the top of the ear, position it where it looks the best and pin. You can leave as much out in the front as you want, to soften the look.

Lastly pull the last side back, and pin over what you just pinned making it very loose and covering any pins you have showing.

What's hanging down should be teased and messy, make it tousled and textured.