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One Minute to Peace in the Middle of Frenzy

Posted by: Amanda Sullivan

One Minute to Peace in the Middle of Frenzy
Six Steps in 60 Seconds
In the first session of the Preparing the Holiday Heart workshop series with Christopher Baxter, participants began the process of experiencing more blissful holidays—and lives—through simple practices that keep us centered and present. Here, Christopher shares six quick steps for regrouping and being present for your holidays and life, even in times of sensory overload and over stimulation.  And it all happens in the course of a minute.

Pause in the midst of whatever you are doing and for the length of 3 very long, very deep breaths feel yourself returning to the present.

If possible for the setting you are in, add an audible sigh to each exhalation as you let go of heaviness and unrealistic expectations.
Hold Your Breath Out
Do a slow count of three while holding the breath out at the end of each exhalation. Recognize relaxation within that peaceful stillness. Do this for three breaths.

Step Back
Physically step away from the action, establishing physical distance and mental space from your task. Rest in that space.
Become aware of where you are, what you are doing, and remember your motivation. Allow what you are grateful for to touch your 'soft spot' of warmhearted kindness.
Tune into to what you are sensing beneath the surface. Experience yourself being alive with whatever feelings are present in you.

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