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Story of a Scent, The Evolution of The Old Edwards Aroma

Posted by: Kirk Moore

What do you give the resort that has everything? That was our conundrum six years ago when we were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of the Old Edwards family. Not only were we given the dream job of placing beautiful flowers throughout the property, but we were offered the most charming little stone building for a shop, located just in the shadows of the historic inn. There we could make magic for guests and townsfolk alike.

For 20 years my partner, Don Fry and I had been in the product development business, creating amazing fragrance items for high end gift and home accessories concerns. Our “Gardeners Apothecary” was featured at Smith & Hawken for over a decade. For many years our “Harvest” collection was the autumn staple at Saks Fifth Avenue and for 12 years we helped with merchandising in the iconic garden shop at Takashimaya on 5th Avenue.

So we looked to our roots for the perfect gift befitting Old Edwards. An exclusive signature fragrance for the whole resort that would serve as a memorable olfactory trademark fit the bill! Little did we know that our simple gift would become something that has brought so many people joy and keeps giving and giving! A blend of 14 different essential oils, the top notes being cardamom and cedar, became “Oakleaf” the fragrance. Oakleaf also became the name of our shop – a metaphorical nod to the iconic acorn logo affixed to all things “Old Edwards.”

“Oakleaf” is like catnip! So many guests sniff out the source of the magical fragrance with diffusers discreetly placed in rooms and public areas all over the resort. Like a treasure hunt, people find their way to our store to find not only Oakleaf diffusers, but the fragrance blended into a room spray and hand and body lotion. New for autumn 2014 is a candle poured into a signature cast iron acorn box.

Every day we ship “Oakleaf” all over the country! It is so exciting to be able to extend to so many people the “Old Edwards experience” through the memory of fragrance.

For more information about the Oakleaf fragrance collection call 828.526.8000 or go to