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Three Burgermeister Secrets from Chef David Young

Posted by: Amanda Sullivan

Chef David Shares Three Tasty Tips

Chef David at Old Edwards Club is known for a lot of things, including injecting a good dose of southern soul into his popular recipes on the menu at The Grill Room, like fresh seafood specials, sumptuous steaks and a wide assortment of hand-crafted southern favorites. But two foods that David’s fans tout him as undisputed master of are his smoked pulled pork with tantalizing BBQ sauces and his juicy flavor-bursting burgers.

Here, Chef David shares three secrets for banging out the best burger.

  1. Buy a burger press! For $20 or less, you can have a uniform and compacted burger that stays together, cooks evenly is better for layering ingredients on top, and fits the bun!!
  2. Buy good beef, season the outside well and don't blend in onion soup mix, Worcestershire, soy or other sauce. Let the beef taste like beef.
  3. Don't get the grill too hot. About 500 will give a nice sear without resulting in too many flare ups.

If you need to taste Chef David’s mastery for yourself, order The Cove Burger the next time you’re at The Club. Fried green tomatoes, bacon, pimento cheese and some other delectable toppings make this one burger that is worth the calorie investment!